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Data security nightmare

A Mozilla Foundation analysis

The car brands we researched are terrible at privacy and security Why are cars we researched so bad at privacy? And how did they fall so far below our standards? Let us count the ways […] We reviewed 25 car brands in our research and we handed out 25 “dings” for how those companies collect and use data and personal information. That’s right: every car brand we looked at collects more personal data than necessary and uses that information for a reason other than to operate your vehicle and manage their relationship with you.

Responsibility for algorithms

Excellent paper  at towardsdatascience.com about the responsibility for algorithms including a

broad framework for involving citizens to enable the responsible design, development, and deployment of algorithmic decision-making systems. This framework aims to challenge the current status quo where civil society is in the dark about risky ADS.

I think that the responsiblity is not primarily with the developer but with the user and the social and political framework ( SPON has a warning about the numerous crazy errors when letting AI decide about human behaviour while I can also recommend here the “Weapons of Math Destruction” ).

Being now in the 3rd wave of machine learning, the question is now already discussed (Economist & Washington Post) if AI has an own personality.



The dialogue sounds slightly better than ELIZA but again way off.

We clearly need to regulate that gold rush to avoid further car crashes like this one in China and this one in France.

If a thought arises, take note of it and then dismiss it

Can we really control our thoughts? A PLoS ONE paper is looking into neural correlates of distraction by comparing 12 Zen meditators and 12 control subjects that were offered a “real English word” or “not a real English word” while resting in a 3 Tesla Siemens Magnetom. Outcome has been the time of refocusing attention to the breathing. The results are quite convincing (and not really unexpected) that the Zen meditators showed a reduced duration of their neural response to distraction probably by cutting down emotional self-reflectance and other associations coming up. I would be happy to participate also in a trial where somebody could record my EEG while driving on the of these new 185 kW Tesla roadsters.