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Parental allergy history at farms

A recent paper on the bias of farming studies did not discuss a  healthy worker although this is being a reasonable explanation.

So let’s have a more detailed look here at farm parents. It is an important question if parents are also “protected” (or if some affected parents just moved away).

AFAIK there are 7 studies dealing with this question. Continue reading Parental allergy history at farms

More retro vitamin D

During my recent trip to London, I could get a brief glimpse into the 1932 book “Vitamin D” by Reed, Struck and Steck. As this volume is not available in a German library and as it was not allowed by the British library to travel, I took now the lengthy procedures of registering, waiting in the queue, before searching this book for any allergy related items.
It seemed to be worthwile, although with some unexpected results: Continue reading More retro vitamin D