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Henryk Goldszmit (Janusz Korczak)

moblog – When being in Warsaw for the first time I wanted to honour Henryk Goldszmit / Janusz Korczak by visiting the orphanage. This was a home for Jewish children in the Jaktorowska (former Krochmalna) Street. Henryk, born 1878 or 1879, a physician, writer and outstanding pedagogue was the director of the orphanage since 1913. Continue reading Henryk Goldszmit (Janusz Korczak)

The first slide please

Thousands and millions of talks start with the “first slide please” although there is no “slide” at all. This post, however, is more about my problems to manage the 300 slide shows here while making a new one. I found some nice software, that can re-index my old PP slides, and let me drag and drop to a new slide show. Costs for Slide Executive are ~79€. Is there any alternative? Continue reading The first slide please

Increased stand by time

I could not find so much infomation out there about the HP Ipaq hw6515 power surge – my device runs on battery only a few hours if both GSM and GPS are being enabled. After several unsucessful attempts I found only two options to prolonge battery life – disabling both SD card slots and by CPU clocking down from ~300 to ~100 Mhz.

Fire Scribe

The WordPress editor window is somewhat odd if you are writing in text mode but need to scroll down to preview your post. From several blog editors that I have tested now – there is now one that made it onto my desktop. Scribe Fire is an advanced Firefox plugin that can be nicely configured as you can see on this screenshot.
The “powered by” can be switched off Continue reading Fire Scribe

Castrated data

Nature had some good recommendations

… there are challenges to making data on individual research participants available to other investigators, every effort should be made to provide researchers with an opportunity to reproduce the reported results and to investigate new hypotheses and methods.

accompanied by a bullet list

* Statement on availability of results and data so that, as far as possible, others can analyse them independently

The new expression paper published 3 days ago, however, ignores that largely Continue reading Castrated data

Peer to peer publication

Although not so much appreciated by big companies, peer to peer technologies have a great success in sharing communities. Peer to peer might even work with mobile phones in Africa as shown recently by a Swedish company.
I wonder if peer to peer would also work. Continue reading Peer to peer publication

Genetic databases – the tragedy continues

A new review paper about online genetic databases nicely summarizes the current state of the art (including my own efforts). There are only 13 databases Continue reading Genetic databases – the tragedy continues

Any new paper? A video cast how to stay informed

Following a frequent request, here is a short video how to create your own Pubmed news feed. You simply need the Sage plugin for Firefox; then goto to Pubmed, create your personal RSS feed and import this URL into the bookmark category that Sage is looking for. Here is the show: Continue reading Any new paper? A video cast how to stay informed