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Cycling is good for you (and vitamin D is an activity marker)

Vitamin D level is an activity or lifestyle marker, although this has been largely neglected in the medical literature, maybe except Gannage 2000, Hyppönen 2007, Sohl 2013 and Choi 213. A new paper by de Rui in PLoS now shows that

serum 25OHD levels were significantly higher in individuals who engaged in outdoor pastimes … compared to those who did not. In particular, subjects regularly practicing gardening or cycling had higher serum 25OHD levels than those who did not, whereas 25OHD levels differed little between subjects who did or did not undertake indoor activities.

While these are good news for older cyclists Cycling is good for you (and vitamin D is an activity marker) weiterlesen

Would you like to be a centenarian?

I am currently working on a literature survey on the genetics of ageing when I came across a series of nice monographs at the Max Planck Institute in Rostock.

… the Deluge swept away the pluricentenarians. Ernest (1938) mentioned that the semi-divine persons of the Hindu Sagas lived hundred of thousands of years, and that on average each of ten rulers of Ancient Babylon lived about 43,000 years. Would you like to be a centenarian? weiterlesen

Are genes becoming more important with increasing age?

I found an apparent paradox between two studies. John Whitfield did a twin study in Australia and concluded that shared environmental effects decreased with age (from about 50% to 10%) while additive genetic effects increased. The new Sardinian study found higher heritabilities among younger individuals and explained that by an increase of environmental insults with age. Nice said, but who is right?