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Calcium gradient in skin, vitamin D and filaggrin

As filaggrin – one of our best atopy genes – is vitamin D dependent, I tried to find out more about epidermal differentiation. The plot here summarizes an earlier review:
There seems to be a clear calcium gradient with the expression of differentiation specific marker in the single strata. So there is some good chance that filaggrin effects may be modified by external vitamin D supply.


For everybody who wants to follow up the most recent discussion about allergy promoting effects of vitamin D here is a short summary. The Harvard group basically wrote three articles that were immediately contradicted. The comment on the first article in JACI was by a NIH researcher Vitamania weiterlesen

Is there any environmental conditioning of vitamin D metabolism?

So far, I haven’t seen so much work about epigenetic regulation of vitamin D. There was already a paper in 2005 that showed how treatment with the

methylation inhibitor 5-aza-2′-deoxycytidine together with the deacetylation inhibitor trichostatin A resulted in elevation of both CYP27B1 and CYP24 mRNA expression demonstrating that even in normal human prostate cells expression of Vitamin D hydroxylases may be under epigenetic control

Is there any environmental conditioning of vitamin D metabolism? weiterlesen

Severe flaw in mouse allergy studies

A report in Biospektrum 07.07/13:762 about the production of endotoxin free ovalbumin by a German company now reveals that nearly all commercially available ovalbumin preparations are highly contaminated with endotoxin. Company A included 723, company B 1038, company C 257 and company D 342 EU/mg LPS. As all mice are usually also on a vitamin D supplement diet, recent mouse studies may have produced largely artifacts if both – agonist and antagonist – are included in an uncontrolled manner, yea, yea.

A secosteroid transcriptional activator

A new vitamin D review is more serious about the biology and possible outcomes than some others.

The popular press is talking about vitamin D as “The Sunshine Vitamin”, promoting it as capable of reducing the risk of cancers and autoimmune disease. Yet vitamin D is actually a secosteroid transcriptional activator, at the heart of the innate immunity.

This looks trivial but it isn´t if you look at the NEJM paper A secosteroid transcriptional activator weiterlesen


A new study reports a rather expected finding – young Finnish men in a military base ;-)

… conditions with respect to physical activity, nutrition, clohting, living quarters, and exposure to sunlight were homgenous

had twice as many respiratory infections if having serum vitamin D concentrations <40 nmol/L. The discussion, however, misses the point that there are many studies showing the same effect in children with rickets (references 82-86) eventually leading to pneumonia leading to death. “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day” (Thomas Jefferson?)