Der chinesische Menschenversuch

Montag 17.12.2018

STAT bleibt an dem Thema dran, Doudna über das Hongkong Dinner

“His demeanor was an odd combination of hubris and naivete,” she recalled in an interview. “He was very confident in his work, and totally not understanding what an explosion he had caused” — one that, some scientists feared, could derail hopes for using CRISPR to prevent some of the most devastating diseases lurking in the double helix…In the room they shared, He and Haeussler talked shop, including how to detect off-target edits and how deeply He probed to find any. One red flag was that He was doing what’s called “short read sequencing,” meaning he sequenced short segments of DNA. That can miss big rearrangements along a chromosome…He did not list the trial on China’s official trials registry until Nov. 8, 2018, which is thought to be the birthdate of Nana and Lulu… In all, they injected 31 embryos, succeeding with 21. Analyses of cells when the embryos were 3 to 5 days old revealed a mishmash of edits. None replicated the CCR5 mutation known to protect against HIV. With the parents’ permission (He said they understood the genetic niceties), He implanted 11 of them anyway….and seemed not to understand why that was such a great leap beyond the embryo experiments he did talk about…”

Interessant hier das erstmal der berechtigte Einwand, nicht nur shot gun zu sequenzieren, sondern auch nach Rearrangements mit Array CGH/CMA zu suchen.

Kein Wunder, dass die New York Times langsam Weltuntergangsstimmung verbreitet.

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