Der chinesische Menschenversuch

Montag, 21 .1.2019

Die Ergebnisse der chinesischen Regierungskommission liegen vor und die Nachrichten überschlagen sich heute. (eine der zwei offiziellen chinesischen Nachrichtenagenturen in der Übersetzung meiner anonymen Quelle) veröffentlichte die Nachricht zuerst:

The investigation team from Guangdong province has concluded that Prof. Jiankui He, who is affiliated to Univ of South Technology, performed human embryo gene modification for reproduction purpose, which is forbidden in China. Investigation has also found Dr. He self-funding, supervision evasion (?) According to the investigation, since July 2016, Dr. He privately established research team, including foreign personnel, evaded supervision deliberately and carried out human embryo gene modification for reproduction purpose, which is forbidden by China’s law. From March 2017 to November 2018, Dr. He falsified ethic committee approval by others and recruited eight volunteer couples (husbands are HIV positive and wives are HIV negative). To evade the regulation that HIV carriers cannot take assisted reproduction, Dr. He instructed others to provide blood sample for the volunteers. He also instigated people to perform human embryo gene modification and embryo implantation. At the end, two women were conceived, one of them gave birth and the other one is in pregnancy. Among the rest six couples, one quit, the other five didn’t conceive. He’s actions have severely violated ethics, scientific integrity, regulations and laws, causing harmful impact. Dr. He and people involved in this incident have been transferred to Public Safety Agency for further investigation. The new born babies and the volunteers will receive medical observation and follow-up from Guangdong province government.

Dann folgte kurz darauf die South China Morning Post mit nahezu demselben Wortlauf

The special investigation team from Guangdong province said He also raised funds and organized the experiment by himself to conduct the experiment in pursuit of personal fame. These actions directly violated China’s regulations against using gene-editing technologies on human embryos for reproduction purposes. The team said the experiment has seriously violated relevant national regulations, and led to outrage both domestically and abroad. Therefore, He, along with other personnel and institutes involved in the experiment, will be severely dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations. Their relevant crimes have also been reported to public security bodies.

Antonio Regalado hat dazu auf in einem Supplement eine juristische Einschätzung aus China gefunden. Der Link geht auf, meine automatisierte Übersetzung auf ChineseRegulations.

Beijing Youth Daily

Recently, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily interviewed Shao Feng, an insider and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of life science research, in an attempt to explore the scientific significance of the event and its underlying factors.

Damit ist das Experiment also nun heute bestätigt. Ich bin allerdings skeptisch, ob die Unterschriften wirklich gefälscht sind.

Das Interview mit Shao Feng ist dubios vom fehlerhaften Englisch mal abgesehen. Vom Veröffentlichungszeitpunktes würde ich es aber als vermutlich autorisiert ansehen.

The best way to deal with it is to never let the two children know.
Beiqing Daily: Now the question is, as a gene editor, two children have been born. What should we do in the future?
Shao Feng: This is very, very difficult. Now the industry is also discussing whether it is necessary to pay a sum of money for the parents of the two children to live in places that nobody knows, and then the Department tracks them, just like installing GPS positioning. In fact, the biggest challenge is whether the two girls can get married in the future. If we want to get married, we will inherit our children.
Beiqing Daily: Do you think they are allowed to get married? Shao Feng: There is no answer to this.

Die Partei (Industrie?) will die Kinder also mit viel Geld und einer neuen Identität ausstatten. Wie das wohl gehen soll – gleichzeitig überwachen und geheimgehalten? Die Fortpflanzung verbieten würden heissen, es käme zu einer Zwangssterilisation der Mädchen.