Der chinesische Menschenversuch

Freitag 30.11.18


“The simple fact that he was directly involved in trying to get consent from the patients is a huge problem,” said Robin Lovell-Badge, head of the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics at the Francis Crick Institute, who moderated the discussion with He. “You should never do that. You should have an independent third party who can properly explain the risks and the benefits.”

Wayback hat zum Glück eine Kopie der Webseite von He Jiankui gezogen, die mittlerweile nicht mehr online ist.

Ein Wikipedia Eintrag erscheint zu Lulu und Nana.

Das NIH will nun doch Keimbahnänderungen regulieren.

While Collins said in a statement issued Wednesday that the revelation of CRISPR babies highlighted the need for a “binding international consensus” on germline gene editing, he acknowledged there is little consensus as to how governments should translate such scientific opinions into law. It is “not entirely obvious,” Collins said, that the United Nations is the international body best equipped to police gene-editing research either.

Das Organisationskommitee der Konferenz in Hongkong schliesst sich den weltweiten Protesten an.

Report of Clinical Use of Germline Editing
At this summit we heard an unexpected and deeply disturbing claim that human embryos had been edited and implanted, resulting in a pregnancy and the birth of twins. We recommend an independent assessment to verify this claim and to ascertain whether the claimed DNA modifications have occurred. Even if the modifications are verified, the procedure was irresponsible and failed to conform with international norms. Its flaws include an inadequate medical indication, a poorly designed study protocol, a failure to meet ethical standards for protecting the welfare of research subjects, and a lack of transparency in the development, review, and conduct of the clinical procedures.
An Ongoing International Forum
The organizing committee calls for an ongoing international forum to foster broad public dialogue, develop strategies for increasing equitable access to meet the needs of underserved populations, speed the development of regulatory science, provide a clearinghouse for information about governance options, contribute to the development of common regulatory standards, and enhance coordination of research and clinical applications through an international registry of planned and ongoing experiments.


The Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, where He is an associate professor, has said it had no knowledge of his research.
The scientist has said his project was approved by an ethics committee at Harmonicare Shenzhen women and children’s hospital, which has also denied any involvement.

Aktienkurse diese Woche

Bloomberg Crispr Aktien steigen leicht. Im Internet gibt es immer mehr “crispr baby comics”.

Ich denke, man sollte He weder heroisieren (“auch Jenner musste Risiken bei der Pockenimpfung eingehen”) noch dämonisieren (“200 Jahre Frankenstein”, “21 Jahre Gattaca”) sondern primär seine dreiste Vorgehensweise konstatieren, sich überall an Methoden zu bedienen, keine Vorversuche zu machen und zu publizieren, und ohne Skrupel Menschenversuche ohne deren Einverständnis zu machen. Die Aussagen seines Vaters

He was always first in primary school, middle school, university and after that. He was never second. Always first,” his father told Beijing News.

Nature mit 6 Fragen

1. Is He Jiankui in trouble?
2. Are He’s claims accurate?
3. How exactly did CRISPR edit the twins’ genomes?
4. When will there be another gene-edited human?
5. Will He’s revelations hamper ethical efforts to do germline editing?
6. How will scientists ensure better oversight of germline editing in future?