Der chinesische Menschenversuch

Mittwoch, 4.12.2019

Antonio Regalado ist wohl der einzige, der an dem Thema dran bleibt. Eine kleine Twitterumfrage

und ein neuer Artikel “Why the paper on the CRISPR babies stayed secret for so long“. Er hat offensichtlich Zugriff auf bisher unveröffentlichte Artikel

We shared the unpublished manuscripts with four experts—a legal scholar, an IVF doctor, an embryologist, and a gene-editing specialist—and asked them for their reactions. Their views were damning. Among them: key claims that He and his team made are not supported by the data; the babies’ parents may have been under pressure to agree to join the experiment; the supposed medical benefits are dubious at best; and the researchers moved forward with creating living human beings before they fully understood the effects of the edits they had made.